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Here at Goatacre Animal Sanctuary we offer a home to those in need, no creature is too small for us to care for and look after. We (David and Emma) have been rescuing and rehabilitating animals for just under 4 years, from Goats, to chickens to tortoises and guinea pigs.

Many of our residents have been saved from slaughter, unpleasant living conditions, have been unwanted pets or sometimes families have had to make the difficult decision to re home their animals due to a change in circumstance


Our beautiful Charlotte came to us about a year ago, he had been living in a dog crate, covered in mange, malnourished and having no idea how to be a pig. His owners thought he was a girl.

A couple of weeks ago we knew something wasn’t right with Charlotte out little pig, he seemed down and had lost some weight. We called the vets and we treated him with some pain relief, antibiotics and we wormed him, feeling this was the right path for his mystery illness. We also ensured Charlotte was getting all he needed in terms of food and nutrition.


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£1.00 a month

For only £1 a month (£12 a year) you will be able to set a up a monthly payment towards the animals at the Sanctuary.

£5 a month

For just £5 a month (£60 a year) you will be able to set a up a monthly payment towards the animals at the Sanctuary

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Meet our animals and find out how they came to stay at the sanctuary. From BIG to small. Furry to feathery.  All rescued and super friendly. 


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